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Sworn and Certified Translation

Spanish <> English

Translation of official documents such as but not limited to academic degrees and transcripts, criminal record certificates, no claims certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates.

All sworn and certified translations bear my stamp and signature on all pages.

Legal, Business and Marketing Translation

English/French/Catalan > Spanish

Translation of legal, business and marketing documents including contracts, patents, wills, powers of attorney, articles of incorporation, business plans, promotional content and websites. This list is not exhaustive, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

All translations are carefully reviewed and checked so you get the highest quality that you deserve.

Proofreading and editing services

Proofreading and editing in Spanish

Proofreading entails checking documents which have already been edited by targeting obvious mistakes such as spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

Editing goes a step further by comparing the translation against the source text to make sure there are no mistranslations, inconsistencies or misuse of terminology.

If you are not sure about what you need, please get in touch, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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